The “Skinny”

Real Talk on the Sun and SPF!

Every day, rain or shine, we are exposed to two types of UV sun rays–UVA and UVB. The deeper penetrating UVA represents about 95% of the rays and contributes to significant wrinkling, aging, and free radical damage over our lifetime. UVB represents only 5% of the rays, and they are the rays that can lead to skin cancer. You can't hide from the Sun, and you really shouldn't for your overall health, but you can reduce its long-term effects. Let's get into the facts about sunlight and SPFs…

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It’s all about the “A”, Baby!

If you are a client of mine, you know how passionate I am about daily topical use of Vitamin A. It is the core of my skincare practice. The reason why - the results of its consistent use produces healthier, more vibrant and younger skin. Scientific Fact. Yet despite the benefits, vitamin A / Retinol is one of the most misunderstood molecules in skincare. I'm going to help set the record straight and explain why optimizing your vitamin A levels are so important. 

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