The Treatments

    We believe in supporting the skin’s natural functions and have constructed our treatments to deliver lasting results at a cellular level. To do this, we address the root cause of skin issues as well as taking into consideration the skin’s health and integrity. This makes every treatment unique and one of a kind. With a heavy reliance on vitamins and ingredients coupled with innovative technologies, these treatments are designed to make skin healthier, tighter, more radiate and more vibrant.

    The Face

    The Body

    The Face + Body

    Virtual Consultation

    The Technology

    • The FYS Facial

      Always bespoke, our Signature treatment is customized to your skin condition on the day of treatment, addressing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and tone, and problematic conditions. The result is hydrated, firm, radiant and re-built from within, skin. A combination of technological modalities will be used along with our unique manual massage techniques. No two facials will ever be exactly alike.

      60 Minutes, 75 Minutes and 90 Minutes

    • The Vitamin-Infused Peel

      Various peel technologies designed to help improve the appearance of pigmentation, wrinkles, texture, acne and scarring with no down-time. These peels do not impair skin function, but rather enhance it. Optimal results are achieved doing a series of 3-6. A vitamin infusion is also included to further rejuvenate the skin.

      45 Minutes

    • The Face Massage

      A truly uniquely customized, strictly face, neck and shoulder massage experience, this intensive treatment is a combo of various manual massage and microcurrent techniques to remodel, lift and de-puff the face, jaw, neck and traps. The treatment will relieve tension, relax wrinkles, restore facial posture and revitalize the skin, body and spirit. A Feed Your Skin exclusive.

      75 Minutes

    • The Works

      The ultimate bespoke facial experience, this skin and muscle rejuvenation over the course of two hours, your face, neck and décolleté will be deeply cleansed, massaged, manipulated, sculpted, lifted and rejuvenated using manual and electrical methods. Not suitable for Pregnant or Acne clients.

      120 minutes

    • The Dermaplane 

      Dermaplaning is a gentle and painless physical exfoliation of surface cells and removal of vellus hairs (peach fuzz) with a scalpel blade. Super smooth and illuminated, the skin is primed to absorb active ingredients more effectively. The treatment includes extractions if necessary and concludes with calming, firming LED light, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

      60 Minutes

    • The UpKeep (Maintenance Facial)

      A customized, targeted "mini" treatment to maintain results in between larger facials or when you're short on time. We choose between 1-2 modalities or techniques based on your concerns and desires including: extraction, chemical peel, deep cleansing, microcurrent, diamond-dermabrasion, oxygen, vitamin infusion, ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, dermaplaning, LED light, and facial massage.

      45 Minutes

    • The FYS Body

      Our signature body treatment utilizes the same techniques and technologies as our Facials. A combination of chemical or diamond-dermabrasion or microcurrent remodeling gloves, targeted serum infusion and modalities including microcurrent, LED, and ultrasound to deeply cleanse, hydrate, firm and rejuvenate the skin and muscle tissues. Choose between the UPPER body (front and back of arms and décolleté and back), or LOWER Body (thighs and glutes).

      60 Minutes

    • The Sculpt + Tone

      A targeted microcurrent treatment using adhesive conductive pads to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone and tighten the skin and muscle, and increase lymphatic detoxification. A workout! Choose 1 large and 1 small muscle group: Abs, Arms, Chest, Butt, or Legs. This treatment can be done simultaneously with facial treatment.

      45 Minutes

    • The FYS Face + Body

      The ultimate multi-task, treating your body and face simultaneously. Our Signature bespoke microcurrent facial coupled with the targeted microcurrent Body Sculpt Pads on 1-2 body parts of your choice to lift, tone and tighten, all performed at once. Leave feeling completely rejuvenated and buzzing from head to toe.

      90 Minutes

    • The Virtual

      Receive customized skincare and product recommendations during this 30-minute virtual consultation in the comfort of your own home. Upon completion, you will receive an email with a skincare product routine tailored to your needs and goals, and products can be shipped to you immediately.

      30 Minutes


      Pulsed electrical current that facilitates greater efficacy of topically applied vitamins, antioxidants or peptides into the skin.


      Known as a “non-surgical face-lift”, this non-invasive, low level electrical current stimulates facial muscles and surrounding tissues, resulting in a reduction of puffiness, wrinkles, acne, and inflammation, providing both instant and cumulative results.


      The use of short, painless medical grade stainless steel needles to greatly enhance the effectiveness of targeted ingredients to restore skin tightness, uneven skin tone, texture, fine lines and scars.


      Utilizing both pulsed iontophoresis and sonophoresis technologies to assist in revitalizing, protecting and maintaining the appearance of a youthful, healthy-looking and beautiful skin.


      Gentle and painless, a medical grade scalpel blade physically exfoliates the skin and removes the “peach fuzz”, leaving skin smooth and radiant, and primed to absorb active ingredients.


      Low frequency sound waves that significantly increase the efficacy of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides in the skin.


      Revolutionary approach to peeling that rejuvenates without damage and compromising the skin’s natural functions, these no-downtime peels are ideal for wrinkles, rough, dry or problem skin, sun damage or rosacea. Series recommended for best results.


      Innovative technology that combines ultrasound waves with revitalizing LED light to enhance ingredient penetration into the skin, stimulate healing lymphatic flow, and firm and contour the skin.


      Ideal for all skin conditions, painless LED utilizes a combination of different wavelengths of light to boost collagen growth and skin health, resulting in diminished wrinkles, acne, bacteria, and inflammation.